Tourism & Hospitality Management 

Offered in collaboration with the Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management, the Singapore Tourism Board and other major industry players, this specialisation prepares you for a career in the dynamic and fast-growing tourism and hospitality industry. A broad range of general business and specialised courses are offered for students to develop both an international and regional perspective of the industry.

Programme Structure

The Bachelor of Business programme is made up of two main components: Core and Broadening. The Core component bridges theory with real-world practice to equip you with strong competencies in problem-solving and interpersonal skills that will enable you to handle unstructured, complex and strategic challenges in the business arena. Included in this are courses specific to the specialisation that you have opted for. The Broadening component, or the General Education Requirement (GER), allows you to broaden your perspectives through a course of study that is beyond your major discipline.


Opportunities for more focused interdisciplinary learning and exposure are available through the University Minor Programme. This allows you to pursue up to 2 secondary fields of study outside of Nanyang Business School, out of a list of over 30 minors offered by other schools in the university. These include Communication Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics and Public Administration. Minor courses taken will go towards fulfilling Unrestricted Elective requirements of the General Education Requirement.

Second Specialisation

Alternatively, if you prefer to pursue a second specialisation within Nanyang Business School, you may do so in the second year of study after demonstrating academic excellence and potential in your first year of study. The Second Specialisation Programme offers an option to obtaining a second set of skills and knowledge within business and management that will give you an edge when you begin your career. Courses taken under the Second Specialisation Programme will go towards fulfilling Unrestricted Elective requirements of the General Education Requirement.



 CORE Common

Common Core Courses

AB1102 Accounting II

AB1201 Financial Management

AB1202 Statistical & Quantitative Methods

AB1601 Organisational Behaviour & Design

AB1301 Business Law

AB1501 Marketing

AB1401 Information Technology

AB3601 Strategic Management

HW001 English Proficiency* (Required for those who have not passed or are not exempted from the Qualifying English Test for admission.)

 CORE Business

Business Enhancement Courses

BE1401 Business Operations & Processes

BE2601 Principles of Management

Choose 1 from the following:

  • AC2302 Company Law (ACBS students are not allow to read as it is covered under your ACC programme)
  • BE3201 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • BE2501 International Business Environment
  • BL9301 Law of Commercial Transactions
  • BL9303 Corporate Finance Law 

Specialisation Courses for Tourism & Hospitality Management

BT2504 Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism and Hospitality

BT2502 Tourism & Hospitality Facility Management & Design

BT2503 Revenue Management

BT2402 Services Operations Management for Tourism & Hospitality

BT2501 Tourism and Hospitality Management 

BM3505 Services Marketing

 CORE Career & PA

Career Foundations

This is a set of professional development courses to enhance your readiness for the job market upon graduation. Find out more in Career Services.

Professional Attachment

You will be required to undergo an eight- to ten-week internship to acquire first-hand work experience, possibly even securing a job before graduation. Our strong corporate links ensure access to a wide variety of local and multinational businesses, to which you will be matched based on relevant skills and interests.

 GER Core

GER Core Courses

AB0901 Principles of Economics (This course will also cover topics on Singapore Studies.)

AB0601 Communication Management Fundamentals

AB0602 Communication Management Strategies

And choose one of the following courses on Environmental Sustainability:

  • AB0603 Business Gone Green
  • AB0301 Live, Work and Play in a Sustainable World
  • AB0501 Green Marketing
  • AB0502 Managing Sustainability
  • AB0001 Sustainability: Issues, Reporting & Finance
  • AB0401 Sustainable Enterprises
  • AB0402 Sustainable Operations


GER Prescribed Electives

You are required to take 3 Prescribed Electives, one each from the following areas outside of :

  • Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 
  • Science, Technology & Society
  • Liberal Studies

These electives, which are broadly relevant to all professions, are designed to help you understand and appreciate broader issues and trends beyond your major discipline.


Choose from a wide menu of Unrestricted Electives offered from across the university. These include foreign languages, science, technology, communications, humanities, arts, design, media and sports. You may also opt for business electives offered by Nanyang Business School.

You may also fulfil the Unrestricted Elective requirements through the Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA) programme or an Exchange Study.

Unrestricted Elective requirements may also be fulfilled through minor or second specialisation courses.

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