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Banking & Finance Undergraduate Programme

Bachelor of Business with a specialisation in Banking & Finance

The Banking & Finance specialisation offers 4 tracks - the main Banking & Finance track, Platform-Based Learning (PBL), International Trading Programme (ITP) and the Applied Wealth Management (AWM). All tracks prepare our students for the requirements and needs of local and international employers, enhancing both their employability and the roles that they can play to contribute the most to their organizations.

The main track prepares students for a broad array of jobs in the financial service industry, including:

    1. Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers and Traders:
      Fund managers manage the funds pooled from individual investors (unit trust funds) and funds provided by institutions while traders typically manage the proprietary funds of companies and financial institutions (funds of their employers’ companies). Typically, the funds would be divided into equity funds and bond funds or a mixture of both called balanced funds. Funds are also managed on a country-specific, regional and international basis and by industry. Nowadays, new types of funds like hedge funds, commodities funds, and fund-of-funds are growing in popularity and importance. Portfolio managers are more senior fund managers who make the asset allocation decisions for the large pool of funds they oversee e.g. proportion of funds invested in equities, bonds, alternative investments, and cash and other liquid assets.

    2. Research Analysts:
      Equity analysts work on macro economic fundamentals, company-specific financial information and management plans to make stock recommendations Bond analysts analyze the credit ratings, credit risk of individual bonds and systemic risk of financial meltdown, and their impact on bond prices.

    3. Product Development and Management Specialists:
      These specialists develop new products for the fund management houses to suit the risk profile and increasing sophistication of customers as well as their need for diversification e.g. developing a new “climate fund”, and ensure that feeder funds comply with the regulations of the countries they are marketed in.

    4. Product Controllers:
      Product controllers are typically involved in production, reporting, analysis and reconciliation of the financial performance with the front-office (trader) system. Other duties may include setting asset valuation policies and procedures. These professionals are increasingly needed for various lines of businesses e.g. treasury, investment banks, consumer banks, and fund houses.

    5. Financial Risk Managers, Asset/Liability Managers:
      Risk managers are in-charge of monitoring and managing the financial risks faced by financial institutions and corporations. They play an important role in setting risk management policies, monitoring compliance, and reporting any anomalies. Asset/Liability Managers monitor the asset/liability structure and the interest rate and liquidity risks arising from it.

    6. Wealth and Relationship Managers: 
      Wealth and relationship managers help manage the wealth of High Net Worth Individuals. Services offered by wealth managers include asset and fund management on discretionary or advisory basis, insurance products, brokerage, and various types of advice (tax planning, trust services, charitable and other philanthropic causes, inter-generational wealth transfer). As the advice for the wealthier clients are customized in nature, relationship managers often work hand-in-hand with Investment Advisors and/or Product Specialists.

    7. Investment Advisors / Product Specialist:
      These professionals are technical experts in areas such as asset allocation, equities, bonds, foreign exchange, alternative investments trust services and tax planning. The sophisticated high networth clients may prefer to talk directly with the Product Specialist who may also take the role of the Relationship Manager.

    8. Retail Bankers:
      These include professionals who deal with deposit, loans, funds management and other financial needs of the retail customers at the branches. They also include the centralized sales/marketing, credit control professionals and products development specialists.

    9. Financial Planners / Consultants:
      They provide financial advice to individuals in areas like insurance ,retirement planning, investment, estate duty and wealth transfer. They may work for banks or independent financial advisory companies which market a spectrum of products from different fund managers and insurance providers or they may be tied to certain financial institutions and only distribute products from a specific company.

    10. Corporate Bankers:
      Corporate bankers cater to the loan, trade financing deposit, funds management and other financial services required by corporations. A niche customer group is the Small and Medium Enterprises which is a rapidly growing segment. However, some banks may service such customers under the Consumer Bank.

    11. Investment Bankers:
      Investment bankers handle the long-term capital requirements of companies and advise them on financing of capital projects and investments such as on IPOs and seasoned equity offerings, or corporate bonds They also distribute placement of shares and bonds through their international network of clients and recommend the underwriting of new securities by their firms. Investment bankers also advise on mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring of existing corporations.

    12. Finance Managers:
      Finance managers are responsible for various financial aspects of a firm, ranging from daily financial transactions to longer term financial decisions such as designing its capital structure, capital budgeting and sourcing funding, to name a few. Important analyses/recommendations made by them include the choice and proportion of equity versus debt in financing capital projects, cost of funds, risk assessment and project evaluation, and dividend policy. Successful finance managers may progress to the top of the management team, and hold important corporate functions such as Chief Financial Officers.

 The curriculum requirement for main BAF Track is as follows:

Banking & Finance Specialisation (7 courses not including Ethics Seminar)
Compulsory Core Courses

The balance of 6 prescribed electives can be chosen from any of the courses listed below:

BAF is also proud to have established a CFA Program Partnership with CFA Institute. The CFA Program sets a globally recognized standard for developing the skills, standards, competence, and integrity of financial analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisers, and other investment professionals worldwide. It is widely considered the investment profession’s most rigorous credentialing program.

As a CFA Partner, our BAF program gains certification that students (who take the appropriate electives) are exposed to at least 70% of the CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge, which includes concepts and principles that have been identified by investment professionals worldwide as essential to good global practice. This certification adds value to the BAF degree and makes our BAF graduates stronger job candidates in the competitive finance industry.

The CFA Institute also publishes a useful career guide called CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Career Guide, which is available via this link:​

Initial Careers of our BAF Graduates
Our fresh graduates have been employed in diverse fields and job functions. These include:

    • Business Analyst
    • Business Financial Manager
    • Business Review Assistant Manager
    • Business Solution Assistant Manager
    • Business Strategy Officer
    • Business Support Analyst
    • Cash Securities Operations Analyst
    • Client Relationship Analyst
    • Collateral Management Analyst
    • Complex Product Support
    • Compliance Associate
    • Confirmations Officer
    • Credit Analyst
    • Credit Controller
    • Dealer (Securities Firm)
    • Dealer Assistant
    • Derivatives Analyst/Officer
    • Equities Analyst
    • FAS Consultant
    • Finance Analyst
    • Finance Executive
    • Financial Consultant
    • Financial Planner
    • Fund Accountant
    • Fund Management, Management Associate
    • Group Audit Risk Management Trainee
    • HIP Trade Processing Officer
    • HIP Treasury Bank Officer
    • Industrial Relations Officer
    • Investment Accountant
    • Junior Dealer (Fund Management House)
    • Market Risk Analyst/Officer
    • Marketing Manger
    • Merger and Acquisitions Advisory Analyst
    • Mortgage Sale Manager
    • Operations Analyst/Officer
    • Performance Analyst
    • Personal Banker
    • Product Controller
    • Product Support Officer
    • Relationship Manager
    • Research Analyst
    • Risk Analyst
    • Settlement Officer
    • Structured Confirmations Analyst
    • Tax Associate
    • Treasury Compliance Analyst
    • Treasury Dealer
    • Treasury Officer
    • Treasury Operations Associate
    • Trustee Officer
Employers of our Graduates
Our BAF graduates are in high demand by local and multi-national companies, investment, commercial and consumer banks, renowned fund managers and other financial institutions.

The following is a snapshot of some of the companies and financial institutions that have employed our Banking and Finance graduates recently:

    • ABN Amro N.V.
    • Accenture Pte Ltd
    • AIA
    • Bank Of East Asia, Ltd
    • The Barclays Capital
    • BNP Paribas
    • BP Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Calyon Bank
    • Calyon Merchant Bank Asia Ltd
    • Citibank N.A.
    • Citigroup Private Bank
    • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
    • Credit Industriel et Commercial(CIC)
    • Credit Suisse (S) Limited
    • DBS Bank
    • Deloitte Vietnam
    • Deutsche Asset Management (Asia) Ltd
    • Deutsche Bank
    • Ernst & Young
    • Fin-Exis Advisory Pte Ltd
    • General Electric
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Government of Singapore Investment Corporate Pte Ltd
    • Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd
    • Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation
    • Housing & Development Board
    • HSBC Insurance (S) Pte Ltd
    • IFAST
    • Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd
    • ING Bank N.V.
    • Ivory Capital Asia Pte Ltd
    • Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd
    • KPMG
    • Lacrosse Global Fund Services (Asia) Pte Ltd
    • Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg
    • Lehman Brothers
    • MAA Financial Planners Pte Ltd
    • Malayan Banking Berhad
    • Mercer
    • Merrill Lynch Global Services Pte Ltd
    • MF Global Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Ministry of Defence
    • Ministry of Education
    • Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd
    • Monetary Authority of Singapore
    • Morgan Stanley Investment
    • Management Company
    • Nikko Asset Management Singapore Ltd
    • NTUC Club
    • OCBC Bank
    • OCBC Securities
    • Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
    • Pivot Capital Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd
    • PricewaterHouseCoopers
    • Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited
    • Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG (RZB)
    • RBC Dexia Investor Services
    • RCM Asia Pacific Ltd
    • Republic of Singapore Navy
    • Reliance
    • RGM International Pte Ltd
    • Royal Bank of Scotland PLC
    • Setclear Pte Ltd
    • Singapore Airlines Ltd
    • Singapore Armed Forces
    • Singapore Exchange Ltd
    • Singapore Tourism Board
    • Standard Chartered Bank
    • State Street Bank & Trust Co.
    • The Bank of New York
    • The Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ufj, Ltd.
    • Singapore Branch
    • The Norinchukin Bank
    • The Northern Trust Co
    • TT International Ltd
    • UBS AG
    • UOB Ltd
    • Westcomb Financial Group Ltd
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