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Applied Wealth Management (AWM)


The wealth management industry, especially in Asia, has been rapidly growing in the past decade. This growth has fuelled a sharp demand for talents – both fresh & veteran, in the banking and finance sector, so that the expanding industry can sustain its growth and meet the changing needs of an increasingly sophisticated global clientele. Singapore, being a highly reputable financial hub, is best positioned to become the wealth management hub of the region. In order for her to ride on the momentum, Singapore must groom a sizeable & high quality pool of wealth managers that can become trusted advisors for global clients. This creates many hiring opportunities within the industry, and financial institutions are looking to attract and groom talents as early as when they commence on their tertiary education.

The introduction of this new programme is timely and will be strongly welcomed by the industry looking to recruit candidates who are trained to be job-ready. This programme will equip our graduates with high skills-based competencies and strongly enhance their employment opportunities within this highly competitive and much sought-after industry, while also meeting the sector’s high demand for quality graduates. Furthermore, NBS is leveraging on the establishment of the NTU-Wealth Management Institute (WMI) and WMI’s extensive network and working relationship within the industry to ensure the success of the programme. WMI will also bring along her strength in practice-based wealth management education to our graduates through her series of industry- recognized and Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF)-certified programmes, thereby differentiating our graduates from their competitors.

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Key Features of this new programme will include:

  • Real-world case study/problem-solving challenges 
  • New industry-relevant course Wealth Management Affluent, an accredited course offered by WMI to banking professionals in industry
  • Extended internship opportunity, additional 20 weeks, mentored by industry experts and jointly supervised by NBS faculty


Curriculum and AU Requirements for BAF-AWM programme

Banking and Finance – Applied Wealth Management Programme (7 courses)



1.   BF2201 Investments + Ethics Seminar
2.   BFxxxx Wealth Management Affluent (new)
3.   BFxxxx Wealth Management Team Project (new)


Four Major Prescribed Electives to be chosen from the following:
BF2207 International Finance
BF2209 Derivative Securities
BF2210 Bank Risk Management
BF2213 Introduction to Compliance
BF3201 Corporate Finance and Strategy
BF3204 Financial Modelling
BF3207 Alternative Investments






Total 28
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