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Student Clubs

​Our student bodies and specialisation clubs are the heartbeat of our vibrant and cohesive student community, organising activities that make up a key part of the undergraduate experience at Nanyang Business School.


Accountancy & Business Cl​ub (ABC)

This is the main student body of Nanyang Business School. ABC seeks to spearhe​ad and revitalise value-adding academic and non-academic initiatives to raise the quality of student life in NBS​.

Actuarial Science Club (ASC)

Aims to provide its members with educational and career-enhancing opportunities for advancements within the fields of Actuarial Science ​and strives to expose them to the various possible career paths available.

Banking and Finance Club (BAFC)

Its mission is to enhance the employability of our Banking and Finance students by ensuring that they stay abreast with the dynamic financial environment and to provide a cohesive environment to encourage interaction between faculty,  students and alumni.

NBS Business Analytics Club (BAC)

The NBS Business Analytics Club is led by a group of business students who are passionate about building business domain knowledge and skills so as to develop business analytical solutions for the modern corporations. Members are often on the look-out for business insights which can help companies that have scores of data that are under-utilized for business planning and market research opportunities. In addition to hosting events and trainings, the club works with industry partners and NGOs on a select number of analytics projects.  

Business Solutions (BS)

Aims to promote the Business Case culture at NBS and provide students with the experience of analysing and providing solutions to real world business problems.

Exchange Club (EC)

NBS Exchange Club aims to build a community among exchange students through social events and activities.

Human Resource Consulting Club (HRCC)

The club organises networking events, corporate visits and industry speakers' sessions throughout the year with established players in Human Resources and Consulting. Students are therefore able to have a rare glimpse into the lives of HR professionals from various industries.

Investment Banking Club (IBC)

IBC’s mission is to provide the Investment Banking Club members and the general NBS community with ample opportunities for learning, exposure, and interaction with the Investment Banking and Investments industry, and to contribute to the success of former and potential investment bankers/professionals by building lasting relationships within the IBC.

Investment Interactive Club (IIC)

An academic club that seeks to foster a knowledgeable student investing population by creating learning opportunities for students interested in investing. The club organises a series of competitions and educational seminars, and has established partnerships with various prestigious financial institutions.

Markethink Club 

Founded in February 2007, it acts as the bridge between Marketing students and corporate entities. Through competitions, seminars, networking sessions, marketing students have excellent opportunities to sharpen their marketing acumen.

NBS Auditing & Assurance Team (NAAT)

Conducts accounting workshops for clubs and societies in NTU as part of their efforts to teach and promote the importance of proper Accounting standards across NTU.

Nanyang Capital
Nanyang Capital was founded in 2016 by a group of like-minded students to establish the first student-managed virtual investment fund in Nanyang Technological University. This is a long only equity fund, with an investment horizon of 1 year, and the focus is on picking securities on a global coverage to outperform the MSCI World Value Index. Through this fund, members are exposed to the field of investment management, developing their analytical, quantitative and problem-solving skills, as well as equipping them with the necessary competencies to launch their career in the Banking & Finance industry. 
Risk Management Society (RMS)

Founded in 2001, as a student chapter of the Risk and Insurance Management Association of Singapore (RIMAS), a non-profit organisation aimed at advancing the discipline and practice of risk management. The club is a student body dedicated to promoting risk management among students in NTU.

Tax Advisory Club (TAC)

Founded in 2007 to educate the student population about taxation policies, issues regarding Individual, Corporate, as well as Goods and Services Tax (GST). Towards this purpose, the club organises workshops and events to enrich as well as widen students' exposure towards tax-related issues and career options.

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