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Second Major in Business (for SSS-Econs students only)


Second Major in Business (for School of Social Sciences – Economics students only​)

Economics students from the School of Social Sciences are required to complete 14 courses, totaling at least 45 AUs.

All 9 core first year B. Bus courses.

Economics students from SSS will be exempted from AB1202 Statistical Methods and AB0901 Principles of Economics.

Compulsory Core (9 courses):

  • AD1101 Financial Accounting (4 AUs)
  • AB1201 Financial Management (3 AUs)​
  • AB1202 Statistical & Quantitative Methods (3 AUs)
  • AB1601 Organisational Behavior & Design (3 AUs)​
  • AB0901 Principles of Economics (3 AUs)
  • AB1301 Business Law (3 AUs)
  • AB1501 Marketing (3 AUs)
  • AB1401 Information Technology (3 AUs)
  • AB1402 Foundational Excel (1 AU)

5 advanced business courses

Advanced Courses (5):

  • AD2101 Management Accounting (4Aus)
  • AB3601 Strategic Management (4Aus)
  • The remaining 3 courses should be from any of the courses in Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Business Law, Human Resources Consulting, Business Analytics and Marketing.
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