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Minor in Finance (for selected SPMS only)


About the Minor Programme in Finance

This Minor in Finance programme will be open to selected SPMS undergraduate students. SPMS will decide on the admission requirements, with a capacity limit of 50 students per academic year. Students will be required to take a total of 15 academic units in order to fulfill the requirements of a minor in finance. There are two compulsory courses and two elective courses, selected from existing banking and finance courses offered by the Division of Banking and Finance at NBS.


Students are required to first enroll for BU8201 (Business Finance) and receive a minimum of B+ grade in order to continue in the programme. A maximum of ONE (1) GER CORE or GER Prescribed Elective is allowed to be counted towards the minor requirement (provided the GER CORE or GER Prescribed Elective is also in the Minor's list of courses). This applies to students admitted in AY2013 onwards.

2 compulsory

Course​​ code​ Course title
BU8201 Business Finance
BF2201 Investments

Choose 2 electives:

Course code Course title​
BF2209 Derivative Securities
BF2210 Bank Risk Management
BF3202 Fixed Income Securities
BF3204 Financial Modelling
BF3207 Alternative Investments

Students who successfully complete the 15 academic unit requirement will be awarded a minor in finance.

Important Notes

  • Students have to read minor courses as Unrestricted Electives and the academic units earned will count towards the students’ academic unit requirements for Unrestricted Electives. A minor course that is NOT read as Unrestricted Electives* (e.g. read as Major Prescribed Electives or GER Prescribed Electives) cannot be counted again towards fulfilling the minor.

    *Exception for the minors in Art History, Business, Communication Studies, Energy, Environmental Sustainability, Finance, Information - Communication Technology, Philosophy, Risk Management and Insurance

    Students who are admitted in AY2013 and onwards are allowed to count ONE (1) GER Core or GER Prescribed Elective towards the minor requirement IF the said GER Core/GER Prescribed Elective is also in the minor's list of courses. The remaining courses must be Unrestricted Electives.
  • A course cannot be counted towards the requirements of two minors (unless otherwise stated).
  • To be awarded a minor, students must not opt for these courses to be graded Satisfactory (S)/Un-Satisfactory (U).
  • NIE students have to consult the NIE Office of Academic Administration and Services (OAAS) if they have intention to pursue a minor.

Special note for Exchange students clearing Minors:
Student on exchange are only allowed to clear up to a maximum of 2 to 3 Business minor courses overseas.

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