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Experiential Semester Programme (ESP)

Accountancy and Business students admitted to NBS, NTU from AY14 will have the option to take up the Experiential Semester Programme (ESP).

ESP enables students to gain more hands-on industry experience and build personal networks to boost employability. With ESP, students can opt for six-months’ internship after completing Year 2 Semester 1 and earn credits while gaining professional industry experience.

Students may either do a Professional Attachment (PA) or Experiential Semester Programme (ESP), and not both. Students who are interested to go for ESP are to do so only in either Year 2 Semester 2 or Year 3 Semester 1. Students should not be planning for ESP in their graduating semester because this will hinder the students’ ability to attend convocation. To facilitate graduation, students are there advised not to go for ESP in their graduating semester.  


Please keep a look out for the ESP registration email in Year 1 Semester 2 and submit your interest by the deadline stipulated.



  • While students are required to continue paying fees on ESP, they earn more AUs for the extended period of the internship:

    For AY​14 & before:  
    PA (Professional Attachment) (AB2001)  2 AUs (10-12 weeks)
    PI (Professional Internship – under ESP) (AB2003)  2 AUs (Core) & 3 AUs (UE) = 5 AUs (at least 20 weeks)

    For AY15 &​ after:  
    PA (Professional Attachment) (AB2004)  5 AUs (10-12 weeks)
    PI (Professional Internship - under ESP) (AB2005) ​ 5 AUs (Core) & 5 AUs (UE) = 10 AUs (at least 20 weeks)

    *Academic requirements in degree audit will be adjusted during the processing of ESP marks. Requirement for Core will be increased by 3 (AY14 & before) or 5 AUs (AY15 & after) AUs while UE will decrease by 3 or 5 AUs.

  • ESP students receive insurance coverage and CPF exemptions under ESP but not when they are on personal LOA internships
  • ESP students benefit from structured internship learning with faculty supervision
  • With overloading, ESP students complete their degree programme in 3 years without the need to defer graduation


ESP is open to all single degree Accountancy and Business students. Confirmation of a place in ESP is subject to final placement offers by internship companies. Students who have completed PA will not be allowed to participate in the ESP.

As students are required to overload under ESP, students are advised to consider various factors such as academic potential, personal development opportunities and passions for non-academic pursuits.

Contact Points

  1. For ESP curriculum and course registration, please contact NBS Undergraduate Programmes Office at 6790-4667 or
  2. For ESP placements and organisations, please contact NTU Career & Attachment Office at 6513-8168 or
  3. Employers who are keen to explore ESP with us, please contact NTU Career & Attachment Office at 6513-8168 or and/or NBS Career Services at 6790-4899 or
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