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Bachelor Of Accountancy/ Business With Minor In Strategic Communication

The Minor in Strategic Communication focuses on strategic management of public and market communication, involving conceptual and practical training in how to strategize and manage communication with different stakeholders, both internal and external to an organization.

Communication strategy is often crucial to business success and the Minor in Strategic Communication will include courses in the creative and innovative advertising as well as specialized courses in media planning, which covers how to implement market strategy across various media platforms.

This programme is offered only at point of admission.​

Desired Outcomes

Graduates of this minor programme will have a competitive advantage in the twenty-first century marketplace over their peers as they will have a more savvy appreciation and understanding of how to develop successful business communication strategies.

Programme Structure for Minor in Strategic Communication

NBS students will be able to take minor courses beginning in the second semester of their first year and will be able to take upper-level courses starting in their second year.

Academic Requirements

Minor in Strategic Communication AUs

To choose 4-5 courses:

CS0209 Media Law, Ethics and Policy
CS2031 Creative Strategies
CS2059 Social Consequences of Mobile Communication
CS4030 Crisis Management
CS4031 Media Planning and Strategies 
CS4058 Intercultural Communication
CS4059 Public Opinion 
CS4060 Persuasion & Social Influence
CS4070 Issues in Advertising
CS4072 Digital Communication & Human Relationships
CS4262 Social Media and Digital campaign Management






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