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Bachelor of Accountancy/Business and Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MFE)

Open to Singaporeans only, the Bachelor of Accountancy and Mast​er of Science in Financial Engineering / Bachelor of Business and Master of Science in Financial Engineering is a special programme that combines our two vastly popular programmes--single-degree Bachelor programme and MFE programme.

This academic option is introduced as a way of encouraging aspiring students to continue to graduate school, enabling them to go beyond the usual undergraduate education and develop more advanced knowledge and insights in finance; all within the span of four years.

The key highlights of this special programme include:

  • A truly multi-disciplinary curriculum that combines foundational learning at undergraduate level with advanced training at Master’s level, integrating different disciplines like business/ accounting, finance, mathematics and computer science.

  • Students spend 7 weeks of their MFE programme at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, USA, and receive a Certificate in Computational Finance upon successful completion of 4 courses.

  • Students graduate with a Bachelor degree (either Accountancy or Business) and a Master’s degree in 4 years’ time and with substantial savings in total course fees.

  • Study awards, covering tuition fee for the MFE programme, inclusive of the fees for the 7-week study at CMU, USA will be awarded to selected students; subject to students’ fulfilment of entrance requirements into the MFE programme.

  • Graduates of this special programme will gain a competitive edge in securing challenging careers and commensurable salary packages in the finance industry--90% of our recent 2017 MFE graduates are placed within 6 months of graduation with an average starting salary of $56,564 per year.


Programme Structure

Students qualifying for the special programme will complete their selected Bachelor programme (either Accountancy or Business) in the first three years before proceeding to complete their MFE programme in the fourth year. Students who qualify for Bachelor of Business and MFE will need to select one of the following specializations after their first year of study in their Bachelor of Business programme:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Actuarial Science
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Business Analytics

Students who successfully complete their Bachelor programme and meet the conditions (see Admission Criteria below) will proceed to complete their MFE programme. The MFE segment will expose students to practical use of advanced financial concepts and techniques in the finance industry. Students will be attending classes in NBS Financial Trading Rooms that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art terminals, trading simulation software, video-conferencing facilities, coupled with Bloomberg and Reuters 3000 Xtra.

This special programme is mutually exclusive with the University Scholars Programme (USP). Applicants who are offered this special progamme will not be considered for USP given the stringent curriculum requirements of this special programme.​

More information on the Master of Science in Financial Engineering can be found via here

More information on the Bachelor of Accountancy can be found via here.

More information on the Bachelor of Business can be found via here.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the special programme can look forward to challenging careers in risk management, quantitative asset management, product structuring, quantitative trading, quantitative research, financial information technology, and high-technology finance. Potential employers include investment banks, commercial banks, financial consultants, financial and database software suppliers, financial regulators, treasury & finance departments of MNCs, asset management firms, proprietary trading firms, exchanges and energy companies.

Admission Criteria (Open to Singaporeans only)

Students will apply for direct admission into the special programme as part of their application to NTU undergraduate programmes via here. This programme is offered only at point of admission.

Candidates must meet the minimum entry criteria of the Accountancy or Business programme, including the minimum subject requirements which are detailed at here.

In addition, students who meet the following criteria will be selected for admissions interview:

  • Excellent and consistent academic achievements, and
  • Outstanding extracurricular achievements and/or community services

Acceptance into the special programme and subsequent progression from the Bachelor programme to the MFE programme are conditioned on students meeting the following additional criteria: 

Students must attain a minimum CGPA standing of 4.00 in their accountancy or business undergraduate programme in order to proceed to the MFE programme.​

Students admitted into Bachelor of Business and MFE special programme must choose and qualify for one of four listed business specializations at the end of their Year 1 undergraduate programme--(i) Banking & Finance, (ii) Actuarial Science, (iii) Risk Management & Insurance, and (iv) Business Analytics.

Tuition Fees, Scholarships and Financial Aid

The tuition fees for the undergraduate component of the Special Programme will be pegged to the fees for the Bachelor of Accountancy or Bachelor of Business programme.

Click here for information on the tuition fee for the graduate component of the Special Programme

Eligible students may also be considered for scholarships that include fully-paid subsidised tuition fees and living allowances which will cover the entire special programme. Scholarship terms and conditions apply.

For more information on tuition fees, scholarships and financial aid, please click here.

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