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Career Services


Welcome to Undergraduate Career Services

Through courses, workshops and seminars, we can help you work out what careers best fit your skills, interests and values, and equip you with knowledge and skills to help you nail that job interview. Working closely with top recruiters in Singapore and beyond, we can advise you on the latest in internship opportunities, job openings and employment trends.


Boost Series

"Stay in touch" is more than just a slogan. It’s a fact. Over 1,000 NBS students head for their professional attachment every summer. During the May-July period, while interning, they are invited to Boost Series to chill out with Career Services and alumni over drinks and nourishing food. This is one of the ways Career Services connects with students who share with us their internship progress, what excites them about being part of the summer internship; and how their internship experience will prepare them for their future careers.

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Case Workshop

A four-hour workshop where students get to crack complex management cases while working in small groups. We deliberately limit the class sizes to allow for the degree of inter-activity required. Throughout the session, our trainers will guide students in adopting the appropriate techniques in solving cases and avoid the common mistakes in case interviews. Live cases are also introduced in this workshop, whereby students are put in the shoes of an interviewer so that they will gain a deeper insight into what real-life interviewers are looking for.

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Learn Over Lunch (LOL)

A series of LOL is organized throughout each semester whereby our alumni are invited as guest speakers to share their post-graduation experiences. Chosen across varying fields and industry sectors, these alumni will regale students with tales of their corporate journeys. Students get a sense of what’s on the minds of our nation’s corporate elites.

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Graduate Employment Survey (GES)

This is an annually joint exercise by NTU, NUS and SMU. The success of our students both in the classroom and in their future careers is important to us. We therefore urge our final year students to participate in this survey, which usually takes place six months after your graduation. The results are subsequently published by the Ministry of Education, and could form one the key criteria which students consider in picking NBS as their university of choice. We are confident that our students have thoroughly enjoyed their journey at NBS in terms of the rigorous curriculum and values imparted to them by the school, and the GES is one of the ways for them to reflect these experiences.

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Cheers to Corporate Life

“Cheers to Corporate Life” is specially tailored by Career Services for graduating students immediately after their final examinations. We bring seasoned alumni to share tips with our final-year students on how to cope with varying corporate cultures and climates, as well as what to watch out for as a working professional.

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Mentors ROCK!

Our Mentoring Program connects you to more than 200 NBS alumni mentors spanning all industries around the world. You can gain valuable career insights from alumni.

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NBS Career Day

This is our annual event where employer-partners connect closely with NBS students. Read about the highlights of 2017 NBS Career Day here.

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Career Services and the Community

Career Services is an active supporter of Habitat for Humanity. It is an international, non-profit organisation devoted to building "simple, decent and affordable housing" to address the issue of poverty housing all over the world. It is heartening to see our colleagues and faculty members also engaging in these voluntary works jointly with us. This video clip features one of our trips to Batam, led by Linda Ong (Director, NBS Career Services).

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