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Associate Deans' Welcome Message 

As Nanyang Business School (NBS) continues to grow in esteem and excellence, becoming part of this legacy will be a wise strategic decision, optimising your academic journey with all that our faculty and facilities have to offer.

We are on a mission to educate global business leaders, and to advance knowledge in the theory and practice of management globally. Anchored by the four cornerstones of NBS’s curriculum—Learn, Grow, Lead and Serve—our programmes are designed to support NBS students in building skills, knowledge and experiences that tie back to the business world not just locally but globally.

NBS is a world-renowned institution, and our graduates are in high demand by corporations worldwide. Since 2009, NBS has been ranked among the world’s top 40 business schools. Our Accountancy graduates have topped the Singapore CA Qualification​ examinations, and one outstanding Banking and Finance undergraduate was even featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia List in 2016.

The internationally diverse faculty has remarkable experience educating accountancy and business graduates. Continued collaboration between faculty and industry keeps our curriculum relevant. Our educators are top academics and committed in their areas of expertise. They are widely sought after as consultants by government agencies and listed companies. Many serve as board members of local and multinational companies. 

NTU is a strong advocate of the blended learning approach. Our learning experts and multimedia specialists help professors develop effective Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL) courses. 

These courses provide a balance of online and face-to-face sessions. TEL is fast becoming an important academic tool to accelerate the student’s hands-on learning and enhance the retention of knowledge within a single pedagogical umbrella. 

Being a global leader also means taking responsibility for the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community. Sustainability is key. Our courses cover ethics, leadership, communication skills and environmental responsibility, preparing students to build a sustainable business community.

We are part of NTU’s overall drive towards global excellence in education and research. Through our cultural intelligence courses, our students are well-prepared for cross-border student mobility programmes including student exchange, internships and internationally recognised competitions that simulate real-world business scenarios which strengthen their adaptability, creativity and intelligence in diverse and vibrant environments. Support and opportunities are limitless for students to develop, refine and reach their full potential at NBS.

We look forward to welcoming you to Nanyang Business School. 

Associate Professor Low Kin Yew, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Academic)
Associate Professor Lim-Lum Kit Wye, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Student Life)


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