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  1. Can I do the PhD on a part-time basis?

  2. Do I have to pay application fee?

  3. If I have very strong academic credentials, can GMAT or GRE be waived?

  4. If I am a Singapore citizen / Singapore permanent resident / NTU graduate, do I still need to take GMAT or GRE?

  5. Which test is preferred, GMAT or GRE?

  6. Can I substitute TOEFL with IELTS?

  7. What is the cut-off for GMAT / GRE / TOEFL?

  8. If I do not have all the required documents ready and the deadline is near, what should I do?

  9. What will happen if I miss the application deadline?

  10. If I am admitted but cannot come, can I defer my admission till the next intake?

  11. If I am not admitted, can I be reconsidered for the next intake?

  12. Can I apply to the Master's degree first, before I apply or switch to the PhD programme?

  13. I am from a non-business discipline/background. Can I apply?

  14. Can I apply for more than one specialisation?

  15. Do I need to find a research supervisor before I apply or get admitted?

  16. What are the immigration procedures involved for international students?

  17. Can my family accompany me to Singapore?

  18. How do I apply?

  1. We do not offer part-time or distance-learning programs.

  2. There is no application fee.

  3. No, GMAT or GRE scores are required for all applicants.

  4. Yes. There is no waiver for GMAT / GRE requirement.

  5. We have no preference.

  6. IELTS is acceptable in lieu of TOEFL.

  7. We do not set any absolute cut-off point for these tests.

  8. Please go ahead and submit what you have (at least the application form, transcripts and degree certificates, and your statement of objectives). However there is no guarantee that your application will be reviewed if the missing items arrive too late to be considered.

  9. Some divisions may still consider late applications until April.

  10. We do not allow admission to be deferred to the next intake.

  11. Unsuccessful applications will not be returned and cannot be reactivated. You may reapply for the next intake.

  12. You need not get a Master's degree en route to the PhD. Our Master's program will not lead you directly into our PhD program.

  13. Previous education may include any discipline. However, students who are interested in pursuing studies in a business area are expected to have some knowledge of the discipline applied for. Good knowledge and skills in quantitative research will be an advantage.

  14. Yes, you may do so. Indicate your interests in one application and do not submit multiple sets of application. Nevertheless, you are advised to restrict your choices to two specializations, otherwise it may indicate a lack of focus in your areas of interest. Your application will be considered by the particular division of specialization, in the order of your preference.

  15. There is no need to scout for a research supervisor at this stage.

  16. International students need to apply for a Student's Pass to pursue a course of study in Singapore. The Student's Pass is only issued to full-time students and not part-time students. The issuance of Student's Pass by the Singapore Immigration is subject to the clearance of medical examination of international students. Our International Student Centre (ISC) will assist successful applicants in applying for an In-Principle Approval Letter for Social Visit Visa and Student's Pass from the Singapore Immigration (SIR). It usually takes 4-6 weeks for SIR to process the application. It is therefore important that you complete and return as soon as possible the application form that is given to you with the Admission Letter. The In-Principle Approval Letter for Social Visit Visa and Student's Pass will be sent to the students prior to their departure for Singapore. Students are to produce this letter at the Immigration checkpoint upon entry into Singapore. After arrival in Singapore, students have to bring along the required documents to SIR to apply for the Student's Pass before the Social Visit Visa expires.

  17. Your student pass will allow only you to enter Singapore. If family members require an entry visa to visit Singapore, they may apply for one at a Singapore mission in your home country.

  18. Please visit our "Admissions" webpage.
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