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Course Schedules

Total of 12 full courses, made up of 3 Business Core (BC) and 9 Accountancy Core (AC courses).

Full-time programme

​Term 1​ ​Term 2 ​Term 3
​Accounting for Decision Maki​ng and Control (AC) ​Accounting Recognition and Measurement (AC) Strategic Management/ ​Data Analytics for Accounting (BC)
​Financial Management (BC) ​Accounting Information Systems (BC) ​Risk Reporting and Analysis (AC)
​Financial Accounting (AC) ​Assurance and Auditing (AC) ​Accounting Analysis and Equity Valuation (AC)
​Management of Legal Obligations in Business/Company Law (AC) ​Tax Management (AC) ​Risk Management and Advanced Auditing (AC)

Part-time programme

​Term 1​ ​Term 2 ​Term 3
​Year 1
​Financial Management (BC)
Financial Accounting (AC)
​Accounting Recognition & Measurement (AC)
Assurance & Auditing (AC)
​Risk Reporting & Analysis (AC)
Risk Management & Advanced Auditing (AC)
​Year 2
​Accounting for Decision Making & Control (AC)​
Management of Legal Obligations in Business/Company Law (AC)
Accounting Information Systems (BC)
Tax Management (AC)
​Strategic Management/ Data Analytics for Accounting (BC)
Accounting Analysis & Equity Valuation (AC)

**Students who possess the necessary academic qualifications may apply for up to 2 courses to be waived. All waivers must be substituted with Masters level electives offered in Nanyang Business School or cross-listed courses offered by other schools in NTU.​


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