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Business Study Mission

The Business Study Mission (BSM) seeks to enrich participants’ knowledge on doing business in Asia through company visits and seminars conducted by industry experts. This emphasis parallels the national economic strategy which, in recent years, has focused on the development of an “external wing” to balance a strong, but relatively small, internal economy in fast developing Asia and beyond.

Participants will study particular segments of business/industry and/or corporate/government entities to gain insights and learn relevant best practices. The anticipated benefits include the development of critical thinking and valuable network with professionals, understanding new cultural and social environments, and integrating the learning experience with the larger MBA programme as a whole. Some of the previous BSM destinations have included Argentina, Myanmar, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa.

The specific objectives of the BSM are:
1. To understand opportunities and challenges of doing business in Asia
2. To understand how Singapore enables “innovation”, SME growth and key industries
3. To understand Singapore as a role model for governance, business growth and human capital development
4. To explore career opportunities


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