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Singapore: Home to the Best Business Schools in Asia

best business school in asia

​The balance of power in tertiary education is shifting away from the old powerhouses as a rising number of students from around the world are choosing to pursue their tertiary studies in Asia, including doing their MBA in Singapore
Located in South East Asia, the city-state of Singapore has been gaining a strong reputation for its solid educational standards, taking the lead in Asia as the entire region moves up its rankings. Low crime rates, reliable public transportation and high quality of city life are key factors that draw international students to Singapore and help ease them into everyday life. 
It is home to some of the best business schools in Asia. In 2019, three business schools in Singapore (Nanyang Business School, NUS Business School and INSEAD) made it onto the top 10 positions on the QS Global MBA rankings of Asia, Australia and New Zealand. These rankings are bolstered by strong academic affiliations with overseas institutions, with Nanyang Business School working closely with Wharton School in Philadelphia, Georgetown University, UC Berkeley and Waseda University.       
The prevalence of English in Singapore is another factor that is highly attractive to students coming from abroad especially for students from English-speaking Western countries, who see Singapore as a comfortable starting point for their introduction to the rest of Asia. According to UNESCO reports, there are approximately 50,000 international students studying in Singapore. Many of these students come from China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Europe, US and Australia.

The Singapore government also provides a range of MBA scholarships, fellowship programmes​ and grants that enable the best and brightest students to study at its institutions regardless of their financial situation. Study grants are available to both local and international students who are required to sign a bond and work three years in Singapore upon graduation to pay for their tuition fees.
Singapore's MBA graduates are also among the most employable in the world, helped by the country's reputation for high educational standards and dynamic economy. High economic freedom and ease of doing business in Singapore have attracted large-scale businesses to invest in the country, including a large number of multinational companies that supply the job market with a high volume of high-quality jobs. 
Singapore is ranked 1st in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2019, ahead of the United States, Netherlands and Hong Kong, and 2nd by the World Bank for ease of doing business. 
In addition, strong government support to encou​rage foreign investment and local startups also place graduates from MBA courses and other business studies in a good position to leverage their skills to develop their professional careers.
Ranked 30th in the 2019 Global FT MBA rankings​, Nanyang Business School is internationally recognised as one of the top business schools in the world​. Learn more about Nanyang Business School’s Graduate programmes, including our world-class MBA programmes​.
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