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Live Consultancy Project (LINC)

LINC Project 

As a capstone to the Nanyang EMBA, participants embark on LiNC; a consulting project to apply what they have learnt on a real world business problem. With guidance from experienced professors and applying all they have learned throughout the EMBA, participants would act as consultants or domain experts to address the problems identified in the industry project, cumulating in the delivery of a final report and presentation to the sponsor company. Through such an experiential learning opportunity, participants would be able to reinforce their learning through practical hands-on opportunities.

1.   Learn to work in groups with multi-functional skills and experiences and to create the dynamics of high-performance groups.
2.   Problem-solving skills through analytical and holistic thinking.
3.   Bringing to bear domain knowledge from multiple disciplines in problem solving.
4.   Using theory and frameworks in actual problem-solving applications.
5.   Effective communications in a real-life context for gaining support for ideas.
6.   Promoting change and transformation through outside in companies.
7.   Consulting skills such as rapid problem identification, adaptation of best practices.
8.   Sensitivity to culture and implementation issues in change.



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