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About the Master of Science in Marketing & Consumer Insight Programme

The Master of Science (Marketing & Consumer Insight) programme is offered by the Nanyang Business School, NTU Singapore.  This programme is designed for ambitious and committed individuals exploring career opportunities in marketing and consumer insight, or those working closely with marketers in their management roles.

Intensive and academically challenging, the programme focuses on developing the skills required to analyse, evaluate and appreciate the unique needs of Asian consumers. With an analytical, quantitative and qualitative understanding of Asian consumers, graduates of the programme will empower companies with the competitive edge in product innovation, design, branding and communications.

The one-year, part-time Master's programme offers:

  • theories, frameworks and tools necessary to develop and implement innovative, value-added marketing solutions that maintain superior customer satisfaction.
  • experiential learning by utilizing a full range of teaching and learning approaches, including lectures, seminars, published and "live" case studies, site visits and applied projects.
  • an understanding of the influence of environmental changes on consumption behaviour and how to overcome these challenges.
  • an opportunity to benchmark your own practices against the best and elevate your organisation to the next level.
As the programme is modular in nature, students are able to schedule their work/personal commitments around their classes.  Do check out the programme's Academic Calendar for the latest class dates.  Singapore-based students will liaise with their respective employers to grant them the necessary time-off / leave days to attend classes during the day.  International students will fly in/out of Singapore on the specified dates, maximizing their stay in Singapore by either coordinating class dates with their business trips, or simply just to immerse in the local culture and sights, expanding their networks whilst en-route to obtaining an internationally recognized graduate degree from one of the world's best universities. ​
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