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Faculty Members

You will be taught by an experienced team of professors from NTU and Carnegie Mellon University. These professors bring many years of industry experience in their respective fields.

Respected industry professionals are also invited to participate in the delivery of the courses, as part of the​ Speaker Series

​​Name University 
Bernhard Schmidt  PhD, Universitat Augsburg
Burton Hollifield  ​PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Charlie Charoenwong  ​PhD, University of Memphis
Cheong Siew Ann ​PhD, Cornell University
Dmitry Kramkov ​PhD, Steklov Mathematical Institute
Douglas Streeter Rolph PhD, University of Washington
Duane J. Seppi ​PhD, The University of Chicago
Goh Kim Huat ​PhD, University of Minnesota
John P. Lehoczhy ​PhD, Stanford University
John R. O'brien ​PhD, University of Minnesota
Leon Chuen Hwa ​PhD, University of California at Berkeley
Neerja Sethi  ​MSc, State University of New York at Buffalo
Nicholas Privault PhD, University of Paris VI
Nilanjan Sen ​PhD, Virginia Tech
Ng Liew Peng ​MComm, University of New South Wales
Mandy Tham ​PhD, University of Michigan
Wu Yuan ​PhD, University of New South Wales
Xiang Liming PhD, City University of Hong Kong​

Visiting Professors

The MFE programme is privileged to have professorsrenowned in their own field deliver courses to our MFE students. Our MFE students have benefited greatly from the professors' vast experience and expertise. Some of our Visiting Professors include:

Name ​​ University 
Car​l Chiarella PhD, University of New South Wales
Ehud I. Ronn  ​PhD, Stanford University
Duane J. Seppi  ​PhD, University of Chicago
Thaisiri Watewai
​PhD, University of California
William Ziemba PhD, University of California
Zhao Yonggan
​PhD, University of British Columbia​
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