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Assoc Prof Hannah Lim launches new book on Autonomous Vehicles and the Law 

Published on: 08-Mar-2019

Autonomous vehicles have attracted a great deal of attention in the media, however there are some inconsistencies between the perception of autonomous vehicles’ capabilities and their actual functions. 

In her new book “Autonomous Vehicles and the Law - Technology, Algorithms and Ethics”, Associate Professor Hannah YeeFen Lim explores the current capabilities of autonomous vehicles and more importantly, highlights their inherent limitations.

This book provides an accessible explanation of how autonomous vehicles function and assess the current legal standards in negligence law that are applicable to autonomous vehicles taking the current technical limitations of the vehicles into account. She also looks at the ethical issues associated with autonomous vehicles and proposes appropriate regulatory approaches.

The book was officially launched by The Honourable Judge of Appeal Justice Andrew Phang on 29 January 2019. A panel discussion was held in conjunction with the book launch. Panellists included Associate Professor Hannah YeeFen Lim, NBS, Mr Jonathan Ng, President, Asia Mobility Industries, and Mr Lam Wee Shann, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Land Transport Authority. Associate Professor Goh Yihan, Dean, SMU School of Law, was the moderator of the session.

 Hannah 2.jpg
Left to right: Associate Professor Goh Yihan, Mr Lam Wee Shann, Associate Professor Hannah YeeFen Lim, Mr Jonathan Ng, and The Honourable Judge of Appeal Justice Andrew Phang.

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