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​NBS graduates excel in Singapore Chartered Accountant Qualification Professional Exams

Published on: 05-Nov-2018

Launched in June 2013, the Singapore Chartered Accountant (CA) Qualification provides a pathway for the training, qualification and recognition of those aspiring to become Chartered Accountants of Singapore. Accountancy graduates need to pass a total of five technical modules, four of which were offered in the most recent exams held in June 2018.

NBS’ passing rates in all four modules exceeded the overall passing rate. Our graduates also dominated the top 10 positions, outperforming candidates who took the same Professional Exam. 

We spoke with Sarah Sim, Year 2016 Accountancy (Business Law) graduate, who now works as an auditor in KPMG.

SCA top scorer - Sarah Sim.jpg
Sarah (middle row, left) and her colleagues having a great time at a work event.

Q: Congratulations, can you share with us your thoughts on being the top scorer for the Business Value, Governance & Risk module?

I am honestly quite surprised. I have never expected to be the top scorer because I had limited exposure to valuation, both during my studies and at work.

Q: Why did you decide to take on the Singapore CA Qualification Programme?

I wasn’t eligible for the PAC qualification so this was the only recourse I have to obtain the CA Qualification. I believe this is a useful certification to have in my career moving forward and my firm was very supportive. In fact, it was fully paid for by my company and I was entitled to study leave benefits.

Q: What were some challenges you faced while preparing for the exams?

The exams took place right after my audit peak period, so it was important to have good time management and self-discipline. The initial unfamiliarity with the syllabus also posed as a challenge. I was only exposed to the basics of valuation during my undergraduate days and the syllabus for this paper was more in depth than what was taught back then. 

Q: Any advice for your juniors from NBS?

This is an enriching programme which has added value to my career and I have acquired knowledge beyond what I have learned in school. 

And for those taking the Singapore CA Qualification Professional Exams, the key is to have proper time management, be it before the exam or during the exam. 

Q: What are your future plans after obtaining this qualification?

I may consider taking up other certifications offered for professionals in the finance and accounting industry. 

We wish Sarah all the best in her future endeavours!

Here are our other top performing graduates: 

​Business Value, Governance & Risk
​Financial Reporting
​1. Sim Sze Hui, Sarah (Top Scorer)
​2. Seah Yi Yun
3. Cheng Min Yi Nicole
​4. Tam Joey
5. Teo Li Lian
6. Woon Wei Fu
7. Phang Wen Xin Harriet
​8. Chui Hui Yi, Cervonne
​1. Foong Zi Xin Rebecca
2. Jarrell Yapp Yu Jie
​3. Yeo Boon See
4. Chng Joey

1. Tan Li Min (Top Scorer)
​2. Tng Loong Hua Aaron
3. Tan Hui Ping
​4. Chai Wan Ni Joanna
5. Loh Li Sin
6. Wong Xin Yi
7. Wang Tingyu
​8. Poh Wen Yuan
​1. Chin Zhen Yu
​2. Huang Le’en
​3. Liu Xiaoxuan
​4. Chong Zi Yi
5. Koh Wai Han
6. Tan Jie Shi
7. Karin Yeo Kai Ting

Well done to all!

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