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    ​Can Organizational Identification Mitigate the CEO Horizon Problem?
    15-Aug-2018 1330hrs - 1500hrs

    We examine whether CEO organizational identification (OI) can mitigate the short horizon problem. The premise in the literature is that CEOs who are at retiring age will be reluctant to make decisions that are beneficial to the firm in the long term as those decisions are potentially costly to their...


    ​Rare Disasters, Financial Development, and Sovereign Debt
    13-Aug-2018 1030hrs - 1200hrs

    In this paper, we study the implications of the interaction between rare disasters and financial development for sovereign debt markets. In our model, countries vary in their financial development, by which we mean the extent to which shocks can be hedged in international capital markets. The model ...


    ​On Angels and Demons: How to Encourage Good and Discourage Bad Behavior
    05-Jul-2018 1430hrs - 1600hrs

    In the first paper (“Empowering Donors. How to increase fundraising efficiency via coupling and unpacking”) we study what motivates donors to be generous. We explore the effects of coupling (i.e., associating benefits with payments) and unpacking (i.e., presenting choice options as separate vs. grou...


    ​NTU Finance Conference 2018
    02-Jul-2018 - 03-Jul-2018 0830hrs - 1710hrs

    The Division of Banking and Finance (NBS) is hosting the 3rd NTU Finance Conference this year on 3-4 July, with the aim of providing NTU faculty and students the opportunity of interacting with distinguished visiting speakers in a small, yet highly selective conference.


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