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​The Value of Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Event Date & Time: 23-Feb-2017 0900hrs - 1700hrs
Venue: ACI Seminar Room 1 Block S4-B5 Nanyang Avenue Singapore 639798
Contact Information:

​Tel: +65 6790 4966 
​Email: ​​​


A growing number of service firms now collect customer satisfaction ratings, along with objective service performance measures, for each service transaction. However, little is known about whether these two types of data are substitutes or complements, from both a conceptual and an applied point of view. This paper answers this question via the use of unique data consisting of individual-level cross-sectional and time-series measures of objective service performance, customer satisfaction, and purchase behavior. Using theory from the customer satisfaction literature, the data are applied to a two-stage model of customer satisfaction and inter-purchase time. The results suggest that the two sources of data provide complementary insights. In other words, customer satisfaction data provide information on business outcomes over and above that obtained from objective service performance data. The benefit of using and the cost of collecting these data are also quantified. The results are consistent across two different - quick service restaurant and auto rental - service industries, suggesting that they may be generalisable.

Prof. Aribarg's interests involve fusing psychology and consumer behavior theories with Bayesian statistical and econometric modeling to draw unique insights that help solve current marketing problems. In her research, she attempts to understand the processes underlying how consumers make both individual and joint choice decisions, evaluate their consumption experiences and respond to firms' product offerings and advertising. To understand such processes, she uses a combination of conjoint choice experiments, physiological measures (e.g., eye tracking, skin conductance), and observational data. She has published in the premier journals in marketing and has collaborated with both academics and practitioners.

For more information, please contact:​

Institute on Asian Consumer Insight ​
Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Business School,
50 Nanyang Avenue, Blk S4, level B4, Singapore 639798 

Tel: +65 6790 4966 


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