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​Where next? Building on 94 years of consumer insight and human-centred design ​at Procter & Gamble

Date/Time: 21-Feb-2017 1430hrs - 1600hrs
Venue: ACI Seminar Room 2 Block S4-B5, Nanyang Avenue Nanyang Technological University Singapore 639798
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​In 1923, Procter & Gamble first formalised the human-centred design discipline within R&D. Called product research, this role integrates knowledge across consumer, business and technical domains to create holistic experience designs that improve lives, foster loyalty, and drive long term profitable growth. As revolutionary in the 1920’s as other P&G innovations such as brand management and market research, product research continues to play a central role in the creation of P&G’s portfolio of product innovations, with more than 1000 practitioners globally. 

Key features of product research include: 
• Technical rigour - to ensure appeal is combined with technically robust solutions, most product researchers are engineers or physical scientists, who then learn their consumer science and product design skills through mentorship and experience.
• Everyday products, tasks and e​​xperiences - care of self, family and home is the center of P&G’s business. Consumers automate much of their experience with 'everyday things', and product researchers have created a large body of nuanced research methodologies to overcome these challenges, including recent work on behavioural science and biometrics.

This talk will cover the following:
• A brief history of human-centred design at P&G.
• The partnership between P&G and key universities on human-centred design and behavioural s​cience.
• A brief case study illustrating the convergence of consumer, business and technology to create a profitable new consumer experience through product and business model innovation.

About the Speaker:
Robb Olsen is a Principal Scientist at Procter & Gamble with 34 years of practice in product research, including numerous patents and successful product initiatives. He both leads and teaches holistic, human-centred design at P&G and in his collaborations with key universities. He sits on the board of the Engineering Design Innovation graduate programme at Northwestern University, and is co-Director of the Advanced Biometrics and Behaviour Adoption Lab at the University of Michigan.​

F​or more information, please contact us: 
Institute on Asian Consumer Insight 
Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Business School, 
50 Nanyang Avenue, Blk S4, level B4, Singapore 639798 
Tel: +65 6790 4966 

Published on: 13-Feb-2017

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