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​The Influence of Consumers’ Misbehaviour on Responses to Service Failure

Date/Time: 10-Jan-2018 1430hrs - 1600hrs
Venue: Executive Seminar Room 5, Block S3.1, B1-07
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Norm violations, from both parties, are common during consumer-brand interactions. On the one hand, consumers may engage in a range of actions that harm brands (e.g., shoplifting, cutting in line). On the other hand, consumers often encounter transgressions on the part of brands (e.g., wrong deliveries, excessive waiting). In this research, we examine whether a wrongdoing that a consumer has done towards one brand may lead this consumer to become more tolerant when another brand commits a transgression towards him or her. We predict that such an effect is possible, especially when the consumers hold karmic beliefs (“what comes around goes around”) regarding their interactions with the offending brand, such that the consumers perceive an irrational causation between the two unrelated interactions. Moderators of this effect are investigated.
About the Speaker

Professor Zhang Meng is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Business School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her academic research focuses on consumer experience management, sensory marketing, psychological connectedness and everyday consumer preference and decisions. She has published articles in journals including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Consumer Psychology. She served as Associate Editor of Journal of Consumer Psychology from 2013 to 2017, and served as the co-chair of Asia-Pacific Association for Consumer Research (2015). She has taught a variety of courses at different levels and has received many teaching awards. She is currently the Assistant Dean of CUHK Business School.

For more information, please contact us:
Institute on Asian Consumer Insight
Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Business School,
50 Nanyang Avenue, Blk S4, level B4, Singapore 639798
Tel: +65 6790 4966


Published on: 21-Dec-2017

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