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Nanyang Fellows MBA Class of 2013/14

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The Nanyang Fellows MBA is a full-time one-year elite MBA Programme designed for exceptional mid-career executives destined for the pinnacle of leadership. 

The programme was launched in 1998 by Dr Tony Tan, then Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore. Each year, a small and select group of about 20 participants each year, from both private and public sectors and across the continents, join the programme for a journey of profound and intense learning.

The learning begins in Singapore, and continues later on in three universities in the United States: Wharton Business School at Philadelphia, Georgetown University at Washington DC and UC Berkeley at California. During the first half of the Programme, a key part of the learning takes place in a foreign country for the Overseas Business Study Mission.

The Programme includes a series of Business Leadership Seminars where participants gain privileged insights from the experiences of top Asian and international CEOs and business and government leaders through closed-door dialogues.

At the end of the challenging journey, the Nanyang Fellow is rewarded with a firm conceptual foundation and practical knowledge of business models which embrace the best of east and west business practices, sensitive to the cultural diversity of business dealings within a global environment. You will also have established lasting friendships with other bright and dynamic leaders, from both the developed and emerging economies.

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Application for NFP

For the class of AY2016/17, commencing in July 2016:

- Application period starts now and ends on 30 April 2016.

- Candidates who intend to apply for the scholarship should submit their online application by 28 February 2016.

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